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Audemic's Year in Review 2022: Research Made Easy

Every document uploaded, board created and highlight tells the story of how students and researchers read academic papers more efficiently using our App.

Here's a look at the total impact Audemic made on research worldwide in 2022 🚀

There are several reasons why research should be more accessible:

  1. Improved knowledge sharing: Making research more accessible allows more people to access and share knowledge, which can lead to a greater understanding and application of that knowledge.
  2. Increased transparency: By making research more accessible, researchers can be more transparent about their methods and findings, which can help to build trust and credibility in the research community.
  3. Greater impact: Making research more accessible can help to increase the impact of that research, as more people will be able to read and apply the findings. This is particularly important for research that has the potential to benefit society or address important global challenges.
  4. Equal access to information: Making research more accessible can help to ensure that everyone has equal access to information, regardless of their location or resources. This can help to reduce inequalities in access to knowledge and promote more equitable outcomes.

Overall, making research more accessible can help to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery and drive progress in a variety of fields.

At Audemic we are committed to making scientific content more accessible to everyone by taking advantage of the benefits that technology provides us.

This year has been incredible for us and we are very grateful for that. We are now a community of more than 4,000 users here on Audemic. As we speak, academics and researchers around the world are using our App to save time and organise their research. How amazing is that?

What is Audemic?

Audemic is an app for students, researchers and digital natives - allowing them to easily read (and listen to) academic papers. Audemic is an all-in-one solution for increasing reading rates, comprehension and engagement with academic research. By allowing academics and researchers to easily listen to any research paper at home or on the go, thet can more easily achieve objectives regarding academic reading into their busy schedule.

Automatically generated research summaries and the ability to easily navigate between different sections of the paper will encourage academics and researchers to read scientific papers in a goal-oriented way that boosts comprehension and active engagement.

You can use Audemic for free receiving credits to upload two new papers once a month (When you create your account, you will receive 5 to start!). To use Audemic for more papers you can upgrade to premium.

What our users say about us?

"I just wanted to say how fantastic this software is... it is user-friendly, intuitive and very intelligent. The ability to highlight the text and the way it so instinctively breaks down articles into chapters that you can flick between is beyond useful, not to mention the ability to use it across devices" 👨🏻‍💻 J.D. | Ph.D. Researcher, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

“It’s a good idea. Especially for people with more difficulty learning this could be a useful tool. I think it would be useful for me because I like to use audible and listen to things via audio” 👩🏻‍🦰 K.A. | Bachelor’s Degree student in Psychology

“Thank you for the pilot project. Audemic is improving my research skills during my dissertation. As a dyslexic, I like how the app organises articles into sections. The text-to-speech function feels more human, helping me to focus on the content. Overall I found the user experience friendly and quick. I used it during the Commercial Awareness 2022 Competition by Aspiring Solicitors where we had advanced reading before each round. Audemic was a lifesaver as it was a busy work period. I made it through to the Quarter Finals!” - 🧑🏽‍💼 N.S. | Master’s Degree student in Legal Practice

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