Feeling Like a Fake: Impostor Syndrome in Academia

impostor syndrome in academia

So, you’ve been accepted as a PhD candidate at the university of your dreams. You’ve fought hard through a gruelling application process, secured just enough of that ever-elusive funding, and finally, after all your toils, you’re there. But something isn’t quite right. You don’t feel the way you expected to. As the months pass, instead […]

Researchers at Play: Game Theory, Polarisation and Bubbles

game theory

A question for you. What is game theory, and what do we mean when we talk about ‘polarisation’ and ‘bubbles’?  We know that some of you will be nodding your heads silently in perfect understanding of that question, but for the rest of you… just know that the answer doesn’t have a lot to do […]

5 Ways to Take Your Research Communication to the Next Level

science communication

Let’s face it – academia is not what it was twenty years ago. Notions of closeted researchers locked away in the lab or the library, toiling endlessly at their latest theories, have clashed spectacularly with a modern world more concerned with openness and interconnectivity than at any point in history. Academics find themselves in an unusual […]