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A powerful tool that enables Ph.D. students and researchers to save time and organise their knowledge

Used by 10,000+ users at top leading institutions

Upload your paper

Upload the PDF of any academic paper or import it from your reference manager.

Listen to it

Listen to any academic paper. Choose between the full text or key statements.

Organise yourself

Aha moment? Highlight and take notes of the interesting stuff and organize your research.

Built for researchers


Speed up your reading

It will allow you to read and understand papers in much less time, especially for getting to grips with some of the knottier papers.


More 'Aha' moments

Need help reading academic papers, taking notes or organising your research? Audemic allows you to do all of this from one place, so you don’t miss a thing.


Accessible from anywhere

Audemic arrives with the ability to use across devices. Listen when you drive, exercise and even when you rest!


No robotic but neural voices

Well read, no stumbling over tricky words and with the possibility of choosing between different voices.


Language is no longer an obstacle

Scientific knowledge is mostly communicated in English, which may pose a barrier for non-native English speakers. Upload any paper and choose the language you want to translate it into*

* English to Spanish currently available

Need another language? Let us know

Crafted to be accessible

Reading papers can be challenging, especially for those with learning disabilities. We offer features that might support your reading style.

Speed up

Want to go faster or slower? Not a problem! You can now change the speed of audio playback, sloth to cheetah!



Order sections

Organise the sections of any paper you upload, according to your every whim, from the left-hand sidebar.


Background colour

Change your background colour to one of four handsome options. We know that little visual details can make a big difference.




Dyslexic font

All of these changes will join our classic dyslexic font option, so you can set up your Audemic experience exactly the way you want it.




No hidden charges.
Pick your plan.

Try it for free. If you like it, upgrade to Premium and enjoy unlimited access.











billed at $118/yr 



No unresolved doubts!

Things you probably wonder.

What is Audemic Scholar®?


Get the most out of academic papers, whilst spending less time on them. Audemic allows you to ditch clunky PDFs to provide better listening with intuitive navigation across different sections of the paper, smart summaries, and gives you the ability to easily take and sync highlights across all your devices.

Does Audemic offer a free trial?


You can use Audemic for free, receiving 5 credits to start! To use Audemic for more papers you can upgrade to premium.

What types of files does Audemic support?


PDF’s of research papers

Is Audemic available on mobile devices?


Yes, it is currently available as a web app, so it can be accessed via mobile on Google Chrome, Safari and other browsers.

How can I contact support at Audemic?


You can email contact@audemic.io.

Can I search for papers directly from Audemic?


Not currently, but we are working hard on this!

How can I report a bug?


You can email contact@audemic.io, or use the chat-bot available right on the App.

How can I request a new feature?


The best way to do this is through our Product Road site but you can also contact us at contact@audemic.io or or tag us to a post on social media! (i.e. LinkedInInstagram, TikTok or X).

Where can I get my invoice?


You can request an invoice by emailing contact@audemic.io.


On the road to transform academic research

Our efforts to change the way academic research is consumed are being recognized internationally.

APE 2023 Conference
Dotcom to Watch

Audemic was honored to be one of six companies recognized as a “New Dotcom to Watch" at the APE 2023 conference.

2022 Global EdTech Startups Awards

Audemic won the Global EdTech Awards in the 'Next Gen Higher Education' track, in partnership with LUISS Guido Carlo University (Rome).

2023 Elections De La Tech

Audemic was nominated in the Elections De La Tech in the 'Education and Inclusion' in the framework of the VivaTech 2023 event, one of Europe's biggest startup and tech events.

2022 Vesalius Innovation Award

Audemic was qualified for the finals of the Vesalius Innovation Award by Karger Publishers, aimed at early-stage startups in the field of health sciences.

2023 AWS EdStart member

Audemic was selected to be part of AWA EdStart, a program that helps EdTech companies to build teaching and learning solutions.

Digifest 2023
Keynote Speaker

Digifest 2023 welcomed speakers from the fields of education, intelligent automation, public policy, research and organisational leadership, including our CEO, Joshua Mitcham.


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